About Us

About Us


West Dynamic Global Group (WDG Group) was founded in 2014 as a comprehensive provider of Marine Support Services. We are a specialised afloat ship repair and maintenance service provider headquartered in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We serve ship owners, managers, agencies, makers and manufacturers globally with effective solutions and highly skilled personnel. With a combined knowledge of more than 40 years of ship management and ship repair our expertise and skilled workforce has enabled us to provide afloat ship repairs, workshop fabrication, machinery overhauls, electrical motor overhauls, LSA and FFA service and cooler heat exchangers repair. We also offer machining, hull and pipe stations.

WDG has amassed a broad network of ship owners, managers and operators worldwide. We are a ONE STOP MARINE SOLUTIONS AND LOGISTICS PROVIDER that delivers results safely, efficiently, reliably and at a cost competitive pricing.

Together with our partner agency which handles all aspects of agency and ship husbanding, we seamlessly provide value-added solutions with commitment and reliability that meets the requirement of our valued clients.

Choose WDG for cost-effective, efficient services tailored to drive your business forward.


Your One Stop Marine Solutions & Logistics Provider.


To be the leading marine engineering repair and solutions provider in this region by building partnerships and focussing on value creation for our customers through efficient and consistent delivery of quality services.


To be our customers’ preferred partner of choice, by providing safe, reliable and efficient ship repair, maintenance and logistics services.