We have competent mechanical teams capable in repairing and overhauling engine room and deck machineries of sea going vessels. Our teams are experienced in performing the following maintenance and repairs:

  • Main engines (Man B&W, Sulzer & Wartsila)
  • Auxiliary Generator Engines
  • Various types of pumps
  • Coolers
  • Auxiliary Engine Room Machinery
  • Diagnostics and trouble shooting
  • Anchor windlass
  • Mooring winches Deck cranes and Provision cranes
  • Boiler Services


We are able to assess project requirements to provide an accurate forecast of time, manpower and material costs. Our team of specialised engineers deliver a wealth of experience in fabrication and steelworks. Projects are completed on time and within budget without sacrificing quality and safety. We cover :

  • Steel & Pipework
  • Gangways ( Fabricate & Repair )
  • Hatches and Hatch Covers
  • Welding Services
  • Onsite Manufacturing and Installation
  • General Hot Works
  • Pressure testing of pipes on deck.
  • Brake holding test for winches and windlass.
  • Load testing of cranes.
  • Cleaning, descaling and painting the ship’s deck and superstructure to prevent corrosion.
  • Replacing or repairing damaged deck components, such as railings; pipes and valves; cable trays, lighting and monitoring arrangement; windlass, winches and their associated mooring fixtures or Cargo and/or provision cranes


We are able to provide riding squad teams, composed of competent service technicians, mechanics and fitters trained under various engine makers, at your disposal anytime, anywhere for the following services

  • Main engine complete overhaul (2-stroke and 4-stroke)
  • Generator engine complete overhaul
  • Cargo pumps, turbines and centrifugal pumps
  • Turbocharger overhaul
  • Deck machinery
  • Riding squad for voyage repair
  • Other general mechanical work
  • Other ship-related mechanical repair
  • Crankshaft, engine renewal & engine alignment, both for main & auxiliary


At West Dynamic Global, with professional planning, preparation and execution, we make dry docking predictable and efficient. We strongly believe in asset preservation and maintenance during lay-up. This is essential to ensure that vessel performance is optimal when reactivated. We identify an efficient & practical roadmap by appropriately engaging stakeholders, preparing comprehensive specifications and executing the project according to plan. We have experienced personal to manage projects in South East Asia and China.


We continuously develop strong networks of suppliers which enable us to obtain spare parts with the best quality-price ratio. Owing to our many years of fleet management experience, we benefit from an optimised procurement of goods, services and logistics.


  • Lifeboat/Rescue Boat Annual & 5 Yearly inspection
  • Lifeboat /Rescue Boat FRP Repair & Refurbish
  • Inflatable Liferaft Supply & Servicing
  • Supply and Commissioning New Lifeboat, Davit and Winch
  • Inflatable Lifejacket Service and Supply New
  • Supply & Service all Marine & Land Life-Saving Appliances
  • Portable Gas Detector supply and Calibration
  • Immersion Suit / Fireman Outfit Service (Supply & Service)
  • Breathing Apparatus/ EEBD Service/ Inspection / Supply New and Spare Parts•Breathing Air Compressor Servicing & Air Quality Test
  • Supply & Service Fire Fighting Appliances and System ( Fixed System & Portable) - Fixed Foam System - Fixed CO2 System - Fixed Dry Powder System - Water mist/Deep Fat Fryer / Galley Fire Suppression System - FM 200 Fire Suppression


  • We don’t only repair, we also advice based on our extensive years of experience.
  • We may not be part of your team but we provide one stop marine solutions. To us that means we have to help our customers make the right decisions. Although we are in the business to make money, we will not do repairs for the sake of creating profit. Before carrying out repairs, we will evaluate with your engineering team the most cost effective and sustainable repairs that your ship needs to become operational again.
  • Our target is to have returning customers who value our extensive experience and work to have the best outcome.
  • When you want your ship to be operational for a long time to come, ship repairs are inevitable. While your on-board engineering crew may be able to take on some repair work, there are those that you need to take to a ship engineering service like ours.
  • When it comes to finding such a service, look no further than West Dynamic Global. We have trained staff, we offer quality services and are reliable.


We offer the following types of surveys,

  • Remote inspection.
  • Structural integrity of vessel.
  • Assess the hull condition.
  • Assess areas such as bow thruster, sea chest & keel coolers, etc.
  • Observes the condition of the antifouling paint.
  • Propeller condition.
  • Damage inspection.
  • Repair.
  • Underwater welding services.

Public Bonded License Warehouse

Our company offers a comprehensive solution for all your storage and logistics needs with our Public Bonded License Warehouse.
Whether you require short-term or long-term storage, we can help you manage your cash flow by suspending duty/tax prior to delivery on board vessels or rigs, or overseas. With our services, you can reduce storage space, lower logistics costs, and minimize turnover time.
We provide end-to-end solutions, including pickup, delivery, and custom brokerage services. Our Public Bonded License Warehouse is equipped with top-notch security measures, such as CCTV surveillance, around-the-clock security service, a multi-racking system, and a Warehouse Management System (WMS).
Trust us to handle your storage and logistics needs professionally and efficiently.

Bonded/ Non Bonded Truck

Our company is dedicated to delivering top-notch service and transportation solutions that prioritize safety and efficiency.
We take pride in ensuring that all our trucks are equipped with cutting-edge GPS technology, enabling centralized command and control and ensuring complete accountability.
Our comprehensive transportation solutions encompass a range of services, including cross border transportation between Singapore and Malaysia, bonded and non-bonded transportation, and air suspension transportation.
With our commitment to professionalism and quality, you can trust us to meet your transportation needs seamlessly.

Supply Cargo/Crew Boat Services

Provide 12 pax comfortable high-end Malaysia marine department licensed boat with 18 knot average speed, built in air-conditioning, rest room and 4mt cargo deck space for 24/7 job at pasir gudang, ptp, kukup anchorage and port Klang anchorage.

Provide VIP and Crew Transportation Service

Our dedicated pilots brings a powerful blend of experience, knowledge and value to your journey. Our Policy always puts safety as our first priority. Safety and risk assessment performance are carried out with respected handling of our passengers. Plus our all vehicles also equipped with GPS for monitor drivers working conditions and the cultivation of risk-aware driving habits. We may offer the cost effective, safe delivery, time consuming and efficiency by in place of control room with dedicate transport coordinator 24/7 for timely update, communicate & emergency response as well.


We shall serve as one stop centre for arrange land transport & boat service until the vessel. Our Drivers & vehicle had valid port passes to access into all ports in Malaysia.
Our service is 24 hrs a day/ 7 days a week & without any Public holiday, night hour or hot spot charges.
We accept booking before 2 hrs service.

License Provision and Shipspare Supplier.

We also certified HACCP professional whom able to handle high risk food with our own resources of distribution hub of frozen/ chiller storage.
We do supply ship consumable and spare with our network by consolidate collection to minimize the cost and prompt delivery up to the ship inclusive of custom clearance & port/ boat arrangement.
We also member of International Ship Supplier & Services Association (ISSA) and International Maritime Purchasing Association (IMPA) as find our Company’s quality and dedicated service that we provided. We have also successfully achieved the ISSA quality standard.
The quality standard, endorsed by the ISSA & IMPA board indicates a successful audit of procedures adopted by the company in its daily operations and an internationally accepted quality work practice in the ship supply industry.
As such, in our year of experience in the fields, we have built a reputable image in the industry with our clients and business partners.

Schedule Waste Collection & Disposal via land and sea (Desloping).

Provide Waste Collection & Disposal (Desloping) Our collection & disposal team are certified, qualified and well trained in handling collection and disposal of schedule waste – Naiosh
We have the capacity & capabilities to collect from various transportation means which covers from anchorage, wharf, storage tank, spillage area, intermediate tank, interceptor and environmental cleaning.

Cargo Hold Cleaning and Disposal

Our man entry cleaning team are holding valid NIOSH-Oil and Gas Safety Passport (OGSP) pass/ certificate and well trained in cleaning all type of industry and offshore tanks, packaging & labelling waste code and transport of schedule waste to our disposal plant.

Cleaning Side Shell Oil Spill at Vessel

Our team have vast track record & experienced with complete job within 24hrs with satisfactory of clients by used high standard of our oil spill equipment and biodegradable degreaser which is concentrated cleaner formulated without any hazardous solvents. This solution dilutes in water to meet a wide range of industrial cleaning applications. It can remove grease, lubricants, cutting oils,
fuel oils, tar, road salt, light carbon, food stains, wax, animal fat, mildew and soot with United States department of agriculture food safety and inspection service approved.

Trans Loading / Repacking / Disposal- DG/ Non DG Cargo

Our team are well trained in International Marine Dangerous Goods (IMDG) and Certified by Malaysian Marine Department and Port Authority to ensure safety and total compliance with all legal requirements while doing proper trans loading job with analysis risk assessment, packaging and safe handling.

Scrap Disposal

We offer FOC site inspection for best bidding price and service by making it easier for customers to sell their scraps and e-wastes at their convenience inclusive custom clearance with our police permit, duty payable, logistics & handling.

Underwater Diving for Salvage

Salvage operation include the recovery, evacuation, and reclamation of damaged, discarded, condemned, or abandoned ship, anchor, craft, and floating equipment for reuse, repair, refabrication or scrapping.